What’s Different About Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer?

I love that you’re Authentic on your videos…. and your goal of developing authentic leaders…

Joy Heartwell

Fresh, enthusiastic, real, dedicated… Inspiring all come to mind when I think of you.

Jo-Anne Weiler

…you LIVE…(NGNG) no guts no glory. that name encompasses just about everything! i would add…”no guts no glory with consciousness, intellect and generosity” (but i guess that would be way too long for a biz name….) p.s. you’re awesome!

Sharon Ludwig

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer I always loved how you LIVE your story. It’s always refreshing to see that what inspired you to leave a certain job or relationship is the same thing that drives you now and continues to drive you. For me, you are authentic and transparent.

Nguyen Tom Griggs

Reliability, up to date knowledge, quick response time, truthful, passionate, easy to work with, take time to understand our company to fully implement a project, resourceful, personalised training videos to go above abd beyond expectations, gosh Amber, I can go on forever for all you have done for our company!

Thomas Brady

Relate-ability, positivity, work-ethic, care/love for those you serve…

Eric Graham

Definitely Got it Done! Amber’s the real deal! When she says “I’m your get it done gal,” she’s not not kidding! Connecting me to resources, finishing a design layout, setting up a workable invoicing plan… She is amazing! I love her not only for what she does but for who she is.

Christine Cress

….you seem to transform as you transform others! It validates your commitment And business is beyond monetary gain. It appears to be a collaborative benefit to create a client partner relationship. I’m not a client yet….but I’ve been reviewing your work! You are amazing

Janice Bishop Carter

You are honest and authentic however I think u might have rebranded some and I am not sure of exactly all that you do besides websites now

Leslee Serdar

How you “carry” yourself even through the phone lines with integrity. Comes through in your knowing what you’re doing and that is obvious in your delivery, but first in your confident approach, but caring nature, and zoning in on who your client is and what is important to them first. Clients feel your care for them.

Karen Pierce