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Participant Feedback:

Founder & Chief Vision Officer for the Wealth Triangle, Landon Taylor

Clinical Sexologist, Sex/Intimacy/Relationship Coach & Speaker, Dr. Gayle Friend

Award-winning copywriter, Casey Demchak

Health and lifestyle coach, Allison Tuffs


Lori Bachman“Amber, I really want to say THANK YOU for your help to me personally throughout the last four months – both with working on my website to give it a facelift and then through the Authentic Messenger course. I’m so glad the material will stay on our FB page because I want to go back and listen through all eight sessions again. Your energy is contagious and you are such a good model of success and tenacity. I always tell people that you can know when someone is a great mentor because their mentees, in the absence of the physical presence of the mentor much later, will still say to themselves, “What would my mentor be doing in this situation?” I will be asking myself that and will be referring back to all of the value-added content you’ve shared. And it’s great to know you are just a phone call or email away!” – Lori Bachman

frank-and-nancyOverall, the workshop was very helpful and was a great value for our investment. We would whole heartedly recommend it to any business owner who is ready to make changes to and improve how they are running their business. We walked away with a much better understanding of priorities we need to follow, specific strategies to implement and tasks we need to incorporate into our days at the office to help us market better and service our customers. Amber’s coaching style of being direct, giving examples, sharing her own experiences and how she has helped other business owners made us feel very comfortable and safe, even when the questions we were asking ourselves or discoveries we were making may not have been. The interactive component of the program was good. Listening to and being able to ask questions of business owners in very different fields was beneficial. Amber did a tremendously good job and set a very high standard for all of us. We like to learn from examples like that!” – Frank and Nancy Pisacane



What’s Included in The Authentic Leader Course?

Week one offers the foundation to the entire 8 week course (critical content). My focus is to get you into the right place mentally so you are open to change, challenge and commitment.What You’ll Learn:

  • Strip away past baggage and open up to your most Authentic Self
  • Get control over your limiting beliefs to become a far more effective leader
  • How to get to the place where your audience is fully engaged and responding to your marketing messages

Your mindset is the #1 most overlooked reason behind not getting the results you want in EVERY area of your life. Get control of this sneaky, lethal trap once and for all.What You’ll Learn:

  • The top 4 deadly mindsets (plus more than 15 sneaky sub-sets)
  • Get rid of the stop-and-go feeling with my 6 short steps mindset management.
  • Experience one of the most powerful exercises to supercharge your business and overcome any challenge.

Hal ElrodIf you want greater focus, more non-caffeinated energy and genuine happiness then you’ll love this module! Hal Elrod joins us live to talk about the most powerful and effective personal development structure. (It’s called The Miracle Morning and it’s incredible!)What You’ll Learn:

  • 6 practices guaranteed to save you from a life of unfulfilled potential.
  • The most common but unknown causes of mediocrity and what you must do NOW to avoid them.
  • The most effective strategies to accelerate your personal growth, develop into your highest leadership potential and maximize your joy in life.

Now things get really interesting… This is one of the more intensive modules and will change the way you market your business forever. In just part of this class, one lucky participant will sit in the hot seat and get their world rocked once I take them through a very powerful client identification process. This will teach you how to attract more of your ideal client.What You’ll Learn:

  • Go step-by-step with me as we identify your purpose and core message.
  • We’ll explore the results you deliver in your business to strengthen your marketing content and achieve more transformation with clients.
  • Gain clarity with exercises to define your company brand on a granular level.

During week 4, you’ll get the opportunity to join me for an additional 60minute call to ensure total clarity and confidence mid-way through the course.

Hold onto your seats for a rapid and hugely valuable last few weeks of this course! In Week 5 we’re going to course-correct your current online platform and help you establish a rock solid foundation in preparation for growth and expansion.What You’ll Learn:

  • The 5 critical goals of your website, PLUS we’ll recalibrate your expectations and clear up the most common misunderstandings about how to get results. (spoiler alert: hot seat opportunities — Lucky participants will experience me evaluating their website on the spot!)
  • List-building extravaganza! Freebies, email marketing, how to grow your following more quickly, and how to build loyalty amongst your community.
  • Finally, a content plan that makes sense and reduces your overwhelm. You will LOVE this system and its simplicity!

During week 5, you’ll get the opportunity to join me 1-1 during Office Hours to get even more customized support. Spots booked in advance in 20min segments.

Once your online platform is in a really good place it’s time to focus on growth and sales baby! These intermediate to advanced strategies will be a breath of fresh air and give you a more clear long-term path to focus on.What You’ll Learn:

  • A social media showdown to clear up confusion and stubbornness once and for all! We’ll focus on what to post, how often, how to increase engagement, branding, and so much more. (spoiler alert: hot seat opportunities — Lucky participants will experience me evaluating their social media on the spot!)
  • Then we’ll switch gears and focus heavily on how to generate revenue from services to product development and even advanced strategies to help you scale.
  • Learn the most popular and profitable launch sequence to boost sales throughout the year.

In Week 7 you’re going to get the keys to the kingdom as we talk all about marketing, your sales flow, developing a routine that feels right for you and keys to reduce overwhelm.What You’ll Learn:

  • The #1 fastest and most powerful way to spread your message.
  • Leave behind you old, scattered, “all over the pace” ways of getting stuff done and step into a routine that empowers you to make an even bigger difference in your industry.
  • Get a clear roadmap for your sales funnel to know exactly how prospects move through your offerings.

I will wrap up everything you’ve learned into a tight, neat bow so you have specific action steps to move forward with. Get ready as I graduate you into Authentic Leadership!What You’ll Learn:

  • How to take everything we’ve learned and continue to apply these strategies into your company and life moving forward.
  • Get educated on the next steps in your leadership journey … step into creating a lasting legacy!
  • We’ll also have a final sharing to discuss your transformation and any final questions.