Authentic Leader Q&A Podcast With Amber

Get YOUR Burning Questions Answered for Free!

Step 1. Ask your burning question using the “Start recording” button below. Even record up to 3 separate questions!

Step 2. I’ll record a 10-15 min video response for the Authentic Leader Q&A podcast and notify you when it’s live.


“How do I record?”

Simply turn on your computer’s microphone then click the “Start recording” button below.

You are welcome to state your name and website url (only once please – this is to get extra value not pitch). Then keep your question short and to the point. Suggested length is around 1 minute.

Only your audio will be recorded

NOTE: Please note that by submitting a recording you are agreeing to allow me
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“What can I ask about?”

Anything you want to know about building your business online! For example…

  • blogging
  • website
  • social media
  • mindset
  • networking
  • products
  • webinars
  • reducing overwhlem
  • podcasting
  • video creation
  • seo
  • masterminds
  • launches
  • monetization
  • monetization
  • personal development
  • email marketing
  • branding
  • list-building
  • affiliate programs
  • membership lists…. you name it!
“Can I ask more than one question?”

YES! Ask as many questions you would like (in fact, I’d like 3 questions to start per person!). Simply re-record a new question each time so I get 3 separate recordings.