Are You Ready to SUPERCharge Your Website with Guest Blogging?

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer's Secret Weapon WebinarWe are soooo ready to be your supporting team and crank up your results with this program!

Look, I know this is an important decision you’re making. You want the results other people are getting. One of the fastest ways I know how is with this Guest Blogging program – and that’s the truth.

How Do We Get Started?

Typically, the first month is spent in setup and inviting guest authors. We would be ready to get authors started as soon as a week or two. My initial focus is branding and customizing your Author Guide, setting up a personalized procedure for writer and post management, as well as supporting you to get writers on board.

I have two aaaamazing account managers, Krystle and Jill, who support me in managing your project. They’re very well trained on guest blogging and follow my lead on the procedures and management.

As we accept new guest writers, we take them through the process of setting up their account, making them feel excited and welcome, plus get them into the queue for submitting monthly or bi-weekly posts depending on how you and I choose to setup the program. We handle all writer communication pertaining to post management so you don’t have to mess with any of it!

What’s this Bonus You’re Offering?

Members Only Video Training CenterI recently launched an AWESOME video training center. It’s a membership area that houses 6+ hours of training on how to build your business online. I cover branding, website development, content strategy, list-building, product development, social media and even some advanced training. I called it, “The 6 Pillars to 6 Figure Success” and the response has been outstanding!

You can read the full details of what’s included here, or just mark my words that it’s jam-packed with my best material and get immediate free access to it upon signing up today to let me be your new guest blogging Editorial Manager.

How Does Billing Work?

You will only be charged $397 today which will complete the entire Guest Blogging setup process. I will do the bulk of the heavy lifting but naturally I’ll need a few things from you. I’ll walk you through what we need once your order comes through and then we’ll work together to knock out the setup. Then, you will be invoiced monthly for the $497 management portion of the package on the 1st of each month.

There is no hidden agenda or contract. This is a month-to-month program. My goal is not to wrangle you into something you can’t get out of. My goal is to crank up your results and get you earning some more income through the extra traffic you’ll be seeing!

To get started, click on the “Add to Cart” button below. You’ll receive a receipt via email and I will be in touch right away with getting started instructions.

Thank you for your trust in me – I won’t let you down!

To your success,

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

(PS) If you’re not quite ready to have us manage this entire process for you, check out our
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