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Worry-Free Done For You monthly service

Who Else Wants to Get Complete Access to the “Secret Weapon” Responsible for SUPERcharging Your Website Results?

“I was looking at our Google Analytics over the last month and we hit another record. We have had almost 30,000 page views…that is super awesome. You are a HUGE part of that. Thank you!!– Conscious Divas

What if that was your story, your excitement, your results?

Ok, let me back up…

Experienced Entrepreneurs Will Tell You…

You can’t just throw up a beautiful website and expect results. A lot of hard work goes into getting your message out to the world effectively.

Guest BloggingWhat’s not widely known is that YOU do not have to do all of that hard work yourself.

Do you have anxiety that you’re not generating enough income? Do you feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else build a huge following? Then you’re in the right place because I’m about to show you how to SUPERcharge your website with a Secret Weapon that works like a charm!

The Top Marketers Started an Impressive Trend

A few years ago I got wind of a program that only the top marketers in the world were attempting. It was a program that acquired guest writers to write regular content on their website – a Guest Blogging program.

I couldn’t believe my eyes that writers were lining up to submit content to these sites because they’d gain massive credibility plus expand their brand and their following as a result. And what a tremendous treat for these marketers to gain a steady flow of content (and thereby huge waves of traffic) plus get website results that individuals couldn’t touch with a ten foot pole!

I Took That Trend and Turned it Into a System Anyone Can Use

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer's Secret Weapon WebinarI learned everything there was to learn about this program, dumped all of my knowledge into an efficient and effective process and was ready for business. Through the years I’ve been quietly managing the entire operation for websites who saw the value and couldn’t wait to have me become their Editorial Manager, managing their guest blogging program each month.

I manage these websites who are seeing more than 30,000 page views per month as a result of Guest Blogging!

It Wasn’t always Roses and Rainbows for Me…

If you’re like me, you started your new website and had all the hope in the world that you’d be hugely successful, but shortly after, fell flat on your face with the realization of the time and effort that goes into generating results. Between blogging, social media, product development, email list communication… it can quickly become overwhelming and discouraging!

I thought to myself, “If only there was a way to get support (for free), get Google to rank you higher and higher (for free), get a lot more traffic and thereby subscribers and sales (for free) – oh, and a bigger social media following (for free) wouldn’t hurt either…”

Sure, you can make a schedule, kick yourself into high gear, be a content creation madman and over the next year or two generate results. I’ve always said that once you reach 100 blog posts published, your website will start to see some bigger results.

Why not take the shortcut and acquire 10-15+ writers a month to write content for you? Not only is it something you should consider cannon-balling into, but I’m going to hand over everything you need to get started with this program + training on how to manage it each month!

If you take this seriously, and implement a Guest Blogging Program into your website, say goodbye to the discouraging feeling you’ve been lugging around. It is SO NICE having a team of writers support you and help you build your vision!

Introducing… “The Worry-Free Guest Blogging In-A-Box Package to SUPERcharge Your Website Results!”

In this instant-downloadable package, I give you full training, the exact step-by-step sequence for how to get this program off the ground plus the cookie-cutter process to manage the program monthly. I’ve left nothing out!

You’ll discover the exact procedure my team and I use to manage the entire guest blogging program for multiple websites every month which directly results in more website traffic and thereby bigger, badder website results!

I created this system specifically to help authors, speakers and coaches who see the tremendous value in guest blogging yet feel insecure about starting this program from scratch and who also can’t afford to have me setup and manage the entire process for them.

What’s Included in the Guest Blogging In-A-Box Package?

  • 1-hour webinar training session where I walk you through the entire process A-Z learn exactly how to:
    • Setup the entire foundation and get your program ducks in a row
    • How to find the right writers for your website and how to approach them
    • Learn the minefields to avoid based on my years of experience
    • Step-by-step explanation on how to manage this program each month
    • and more!
  • Gain immediate access to the 12-page Author Guideline I wrote specifically for the guest blogging programs I manage every month. Included is a super special SEO Training bonus guide and you even have access to the .doc so you can make changes easily
  • An “Author Setup Checklist” which makes it a no-brainer to get a new writer started in your program
  • Almost a dozen personalized, pre-written email templates you can use throughout the program – This will save you so much time and fuss!
  • My 4-video WordPress training series (A $147 Value) This valuable training will teach you the ins and outs of WordPress in case you are new at navigating your site and need a thorough education course to gain confidence and save time “trying to figure it out”
  • All the content to add to your website to attract quality guest writers, and more!

What Others Have Been Saying…

“Amber has advanced analytical skills. Can process a lot of information and make it seem easy.” — Nohra Leff

“Amber is an amazing marketing/web coach and consultant. She under-promised and over-delivered for me each time, every time. She is a great combination of left brain/right brain intelligence which I believe, is needed for implementation. She combines common sense strategy and creative enthusiasm. She is a delight to work with and cannot say enough about her infectious enthusiasm, passion and expertise!” — Leslee Serdar

“Amber spots trends and comes up with cutting edge ideas. Very innovative.” — Kristin Henning

“I would give Amber the highest recommendation to anyone looking for her services. She’s very responsive and produces a quality product.” — Janet Halleran-Palmer

“Thanks for the clarity. I love that about you, Amber – you’re thorough and you make me see the big picture.” — Tiffany Bennett

Get on the Fast Track to More Subscribers, More Sales and Higher Search Engine Rankings!

I think you can agree that being on the fast track to success is more desirable than the alternative. I’ve been where you are. I saw the trend, heard the excitement – it made sense to get going with Guest Blogging, so I did.

One of my TOP blog posts of all time, that is responsible for generating more than 1,200 views a month, was from a guest contributor. I know the power of this program not just from my own success with it, but I manage this program for sites in multiple countries around the world.

If you are tired of going the path alone, and want a instantly-downloadable product that will teach you every nook and cranny of this proven program from the beginning, then this package is for you.

If you were to hire me to fully setup and manage this program for you every month, it would cost you a $397 one-time setup fee plus $497 per month. We completely manage all of the writers, blog posts, scheduling and more.

But, if you’re just wanting access to all of the materials and procedures I’ve worked hard to create over the years, and setup/manage this program yourself, then you can gain instant access to this Guest Blogging In-A-Box product for only $297 today.

Jump in with both feet now and click that “Add to Cart” button below. You will be emailed your receipt and you can start downloading these materials instantly on the other side.

“I was looking at our Google Analytics over the last month and we hit another record. We have had almost 30,000 page views…that is super awesome. You are a HUGE part of that. Thank you!!– Conscious Divas

Are you ready for that to be your story, your excitement, your results?

To your success,

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer