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I know all about the nasty Inner Critic inside that pushes us down every time we feel really pumped to make massive progress in our personal or professional lives. My Inner Critic has literally moved me to a stream of tears or a fit of rage at times. I’m here to tell you it’s natural, it’s normal and it is possible to control!

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This training guide is a very personal and emotional topic for me. I recently realized how my Inner Critic was showing up in an ugly way trying to hold me back from ultimate success. I’ll never forget the moment it happened. I was sitting at the top of my stairs, crying my eyes out, feeling like a big loser and talking on the phone to my best friend searching for support or some series or words that would take the pain away. Then, in a flash, I realized I couldn’t be filled back up by someone else.

I had to take control and learn what to do when my Inner Critic decided to have some fun by shooting me down.

This is when I developed this 3-step process for talking back to my inner critic. I can tell you in all honesty that I have overcome feeling like a loser at times. I won’t allow those thoughts to win any longer and neither should you.

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