What’s Different About Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer?

You are authentic, you are honest, you are real and you care. Plus, you are actually DOING what you teach the rest of us how to do, and you show us that, without holding back. You are fun, engaging, exciting, inspiring, encouraging… I could go on and on… I love the way you are not afraid to “go after it” and how easy you make it all look – it comes naturally to you (at least that’s the feeling I get when listening or watching you – I know you work your butt off, but you’re never nervous about what you put out there. you have confidence). Bottom line: authentic and caring.

Pamela Zimmer

…you LIVE…(NGNG) no guts no glory. that name encompasses just about everything! i would add…”no guts no glory with consciousness, intellect and generosity” (but i guess that would be way too long for a biz name….) p.s. you’re awesome!

Sharon Ludwig

I love that you’re Authentic on your videos…. and your goal of developing authentic leaders…

Joy Heartwell

You are the picture of caring, compassion and service.

Joy Golliver

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into producing such great content on a regular basis. I love what you are doing in your emails and videos, thank you for your great example! You are a treasure!

Mara Roberts

Relate-ability, positivity, work-ethic, care/love for those you serve…

Eric Graham

As a business coach, you work with people where they at. A person may be a New York Times best seller spreading his or her message to millions of people, or a person may be just starting off learning how to spread a message to the masses….you know how to help entrepreneurs at all levels grow and thrive.

Nicholas Kleve

As you know I’ve been in business about a year and being new I started following and trying to interact with a lot of thought leaders. You are by far the most accessible and are able to communicate how much you care about us. And all of the information you provide is exceptional. Just today I presented your guest blogging concept to a client of mine and she is very excited by it. You provide information that helps us look good. I’m very thankful I have Amber running around in my brain!

Quay Hayden

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer I always loved how you LIVE your story. It’s always refreshing to see that what inspired you to leave a certain job or relationship is the same thing that drives you now and continues to drive you. For me, you are authentic and transparent.

Nguyen Tom Griggs

Fresh, enthusiastic, real, dedicated… Inspiring all come to mind when I think of you.

Jo-Anne Weiler