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  • I encourage you to find another group member to have as an accountability partner for the rest of the course. Further, you can schedule a weekly 30min call to discuss strategies, support each other, etc. Locate each other on the Facebook Group or feel free to ask me for someone’s email address.
The Tour

The right sidebar is where you’ll navigate through the site. During your first few months it’ll look a little bare but as you continue this program, you’ll see more and more content is added to help you on your journey to success!

Rules and your commitment level (must read!)

You bought into this program because you crave and need support. And I have made a conscious choice to give you high-level training, and a LOT of energy each week through these modules. It ‘aint no small thing we’re BOTH committing to here and this is a team effort. Because of that, I need to say…

This course requires a high level of commitment and I have a low tolerance of participants who do not fully engage. This means you’re expected to come to most if not all LIVE events, do the homework asked of you on time, and push through procrastination and the busyness of life to get the most out of what’s being offered to you.

Unless we have discussed your particular situation and you have approval, if you miss more than 2 live events you will be excused from the program and no refund will be offered.

It is out of my deepest desire for you to succeed and get real results that I am offering these strict guidelines. I won’t be like most trainers who are ok with you paying and not taking the course. I am deeply invested in this course – way beyond any sort of monetary gain – and want the same passion from you.

The material in this course is meant to be used. The bonuses are meant to be claimed. The extra support I’m offering you in live Q&A, office hours and strategy sessions are meant to be taken advantage of. But all of this is going to take one GIANT thing from you…. and that’s action.

So my request is that you stick with me through the end. Come to the live events. Engage. Learn from my vast experience – I want you to know what I know! And let’s work as a team to make this YOUR year. You deserve nothing less.

Get Access to the live events

ALL live modules and Q&A calls will be setup using Google Hangouts. In order to participate, you must have a Google+ account (Here’s how to get one setup »). Then, you’ll receive an email invite to each event as the weeks go by. Simple click the link and you’ll be invited to directly login and participate. You’ll receive a reminder email and a link to connect the day of the live event. You’ll want to have your webcam and microphone on and ready to go.

Most calls will be 60 minutes in length, but always plan 90 in case we’re on a roll and I decide to go over to add more value for you. At the end of each call you’ll be assigned homework that must be completed, ideally within 48 hours of the live call.


Each month you’ll be sent 2 emails from me. First, an email notification to remind you of our next live event. Second, an email notification to let you know when the replay has been added to this members site for viewing. You just want to make SURE you’ve watched the previous week’s content before you start on the next. The course must be taken in order and all homework completed to be ready for the next week.

Facebook Group

Request entry to our private Facebook Group here »

This is a pitch-free zone where Authentic Messenger course participants can share ideas, engage in discussion and network for better business success.

YOU will be the one to start and fuel discussion. Take advantage of this opportunity! A good Facebook Group can often be the most valuable piece of a group course.