Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #18: Step-by-Step How to Write Your Book

Have you experienced that nagging thought inside you that you have a book in you? 

Books are a penny a dozen now which means that we need to make sure we are producing a QUALITY book to rise about the noise of the book world. In order to produce a high quality book that people want to not only read, but share, there are a series of steps that can definitely help you on your way.

How do I know the steps? I’ve worked with some of the nation’s most brilliant ghostwriters, copy editors, agents, publishing house owners, developmental editors, book cover designers, and so on. I’ve worked with hundreds upon hundreds of authors in launching their books and making them #1 bestsellers while also creating a strategy so they are not one hit wonders.

In this 30-min video training you’ll learn:
  • The exercises you must do before you start writing
  • The easiest, fastest and cheapest way to write your book (you’ll even make money in the process!)
  • Who is the #1 most important person to invest in before you start writing
  • What most authors do wrong (ouch, it’s so painful to watch!!!)
  • The timeline for writing your book and what to expect along the way to avoid frustration and disappointment

video format

Make a comment below sharing:
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  2. A question you’d like to ask Amber

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