Q&A: How Do I Get Email Subscribers and How Often Should I Send Emails?

Dianne MaroneyDianne Maroney submitted a question for the “Ask Amber” Podcast asking how to add an optin box to her website and how often she should email her subscribers.

Those are great questions!

I talk about the 3 areas I include optin boxes to my website and how you should design them for best results. I go into detail about the welcome email autoresponder you should have setup. Then I talk about how often to email your email list as well as a popular format for the structure of your emails.

All of this is explained and more in this Authentic Leader Q&A episode!

Video Format

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3 Comments on Q&A: How Do I Get Email Subscribers and How Often Should I Send Emails?

  1. Hello Amber,

    You and I have been following one another on Twitter for a couple of weeks. It’s such an honor to connect with you. I wanted to give you my feedback about your Q and A video segment. I absolutely LOVE it! You did a fantastic job explaining the importance of placement of an opt-in box to build a quality email list on a website. Thanks for all of the valuable advice. Keep up the great work.

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker

    • Thank you sooo much Stacie!! If you ever find yourself looking for a podcast guest I’d be happy to help offer value to your listeners. I’m grateful we’re connected. 🙂

      • Hi Amber,

        I’m always looking for stellar entrepreneurial women such as yourself. I will send you a message through your contact page. I also followed you on Twitter. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

        Many blessings,
        Stacie Walker

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