Top Truths to Big Business Success Audio Training

Do you look at the people out there who are getting bigger results than you and wonder what in the heck they’re doing to achieve those numbers? Do you feel less than, like somehow you’re missing a piece to the puzzle of success?

You’re not alone, but I want to shatter those myths and insecurities by teaching you my…

Top Truths to Big Business Success!

Learn my internal strategies & guidelines for
growing and managing a successful multi-6-figure business

1 hour training teleseminar replay + 1 hour extended open Q&A session (It’s an amazing value!!!).
NO sales pitch. Just truth.

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I’m more like you than you may realize…

Amber Ludwig-VilhauerThe expert in anything was once a beginner. I startedmy online business in 2007 with a whole lotta school debt, a few dollars in my bank account and a willingness to start from the bottom and learn/execute my way to the top.

I created my own free WordPress blog and wrote tons of blog posts until someone noticed. I built my business, layer by layer, from the ground up. I kept learning how to work smarter and not harder, I studied what others had done and I executed like a madman.

Everything I teach my clients is based on strategies I have executed myself.
I don’t recycle information I heard from someone else and hope it works out for people.

I know the core truths you need to incorporate to build your business to build a multi-6-figure success. If that is a goal of yours, this teleseminar is one that will change the course of you business because it will offer you a corrected path to more efficient execution and much bigger, faster results.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are a super creative person, coming up with brilliant ideas every week, yet the execution slows you down and distracts you from making any real progress
  • Everyone seems drawn to you and excited about your message but no one is buying
  • You know you need a team to support your growth and help you achieve your goals but you don’t know who to trust and have limited funds to spend on anyone who won’t give you the biggest bang for your buck
  • You fall into the trap of the stop-and-go approach where you’re either extremely motivated, or depressingly demotivated and turned off
  • You have ideas and to-dos scattered across multiple pages in different places of the house and most of the work isn’t getting done
  • You know what you need to do online, yet for some reason you just can’t get into a routine and your results are skewed

I get it. Growing a business is really challenging… but the rewards are unbelievable!

Online Business Development Speaker, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
Internet Marketing Speaker, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
Social Media Speaker, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

The most common question I get is, “How do you do it all??”

I want to offer you some stats, NOT to show off (I’m sooo not about that…), but to show you why you will get a lot out of this free call.

  • I currently personally manage more than 60 active client projects but strive to consistently add value for more than 300 clients
  • My company has grown by an average of 42.2% EACH year since we’ve started, with this year already up 56% over last year
  • I am highly active in marketing and creating regular blog posts, running teleseminars and workshops, managing social media, creating free products, sending ezines and more
  • I work on average about 40-45 hours a week, taking nights and weekends off to play

The most common question I get is, “How do you do it all??”

The honest answer to that question will be revealed on this training call. Come hang out and learn these very doable strategies so you too can grow each year.

This is your chance to take a shortcut and still learn real strategies that WORK

If you’ve heard of me you probably know I’ve never run a call like this before. I normally run free calls teaching you about getting better website results, copywriting, guest blogging or how to run teleseminars.

However, two weeks ago I was asked if I had ever hosted a call on this topic. The answer being no, I asked my Facebook fans if they would want me to run a call on this topic.

This was what just a few people said:

“Always interested in what you have to say Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer! Especially is its about business – you are a great example, leader and inspiration.”

“I know if you gave a teleseminar I would be interested & I’d be happy to share invites.”

“Sounds great. Always interested in your tips!”

“Love everything you do Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer.”

“I’m with Mindy; I love everything you do & offer. I wouldn’t miss it personally & I’d encourage anyone I know who might benefit to attend.”

“It would be awesome!”

I was inspired and motivated by the response, so I quickly squeezed in a teleseminar for this month even though I wasn’t originally planning on having one.

During the “Top Truths to Big Business Success” training, I’m going to teach you how I…

  • Overcome fear and doubt so it doesn’t slow me down
  • Work smarter not harder to take on more clients without the company going down in flames
  • Achieved 42% growth each year and continue to set the bar higher
  • Stay organized and avoid overwhelm at every possible turn
  • Study my company analytics to keep a constant pulse on my results
  • Take action constantly without achieving burnout
  • Treat my clients and following which is a big key to the culture I’ve built
  • Created a loyal, hard working AMAZING team that I love with all my heart and how that affects our results
  • …and that just scratches the surface

Training details:

This isn’t your average teleseminar replay. I decided to run this free 1-hour call with NO sales pitch. It’s not about offering a service to you, it’s about giving back.

I have had incredible mentors along my journey. I want to be that incredible mentor for you. It’s a deep passion of mine.

In addition to the call, I’ve decided to do something else differently… This will be a TWO-hour call for anyone who wants to stay longer.

The training portion of this call will be 1-hour, then I moved into an open, 1-hour live Q&A session for anyone who had a question and wanted to get the extra value out of our time together. The questions were incredible!!!

Jazzed participants already said:

Quite simply, Brilliant!! Your knowledge & passion is first class & you over deliver every time. “7 Core Truths to Big Business Development”, Insane amount of value given away free – Not To Be Missed!” – Mike

Super great call! I was interested the entire time.” – Carrie

Fantastic tele-seminar today as Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer shared her heart and life with her audience. I gained so much clarity about my own direction for where I want to go and a lightbulb moment of who my audience is. This was made possible for me through Amber’s own transparency and story of building her own six figure business and more importantly where she began right out of high school. As the gal we all know to be enormously gifted with endless vitality, I could piece together parts of myself and my own journey just hearing hers. Prior to this call there were gaps in my process to find my own value and now I realize it’s discipline that I’m lacking. Through that discipline it’s time to take action and step into who I want to be. Thank you Amber for a great seminar!” – Nancy

Thanks Amber for that great tele-seminar today. Such a fabulous example of our gifts being so much more than what we do, but also the easy things that we do along the way. The things we take for granted that come naturally for us. Loved the specifics about creating a plan/schedule. X # of blog posts, X times on social media, etc. Will definitely incorporate into my own business schedule. Excited to create my e-book too, so thanks for the Q&A and for keeping it simple sista! xo” – Michaella

I just listened to Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer’s teleseminar on Top Truths to Big Business Success. My top takeaway was that many times when fear is stopping you, it is because you are on the “brink of brilliance”. You have to find your unique voice and work through the fear.” – Diane

What a fantastic telephone seminar with Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer! Whoo hoo! What did I love? What am I grateful for? HER gratitude. I’m grateful for YOU, Amber… I also appreciated her thoughts on being radically transparent. Wow. Humbling for sure.” – Karen

I was on your webinar today and called in from Ankara Turkey, I just made it out of Afghanistan where I registered two businesses to begin supporting the rebuilding of a great nation, with a devastating history of over 30 years of severe conflict and violence. I totally recognize the element of fear, know its there and have all the power in my soul to not let it effect my passion and dreams of making a huge difference in this world. You solidified this in your webinar today “Top Truths for Big Business Success” for this I am going to bed tonight giving extreme gratitude for your words of wisdom. I love #8, Gratitude is the real key after you rock 1-7 daily. Cheers.” – Sean

Thanks for the teleseminar. It was great!” – Renee

Nice seminar Amber! Way to go. I know you call yourself The Get It Done Girl – but from my perspective, you are what we call an It Girl. You just got it! 🙂 Truths #3 – #6 are what people really need to hear because they are about the behavior you need to succeed. You can put blueprints and formulas down on paper all day long, but it’s that day-to-day behavior that counts. That’s where you really nailed it!” – Casey

Thank you so much for 2 hours of brilliant insightful information. I loved it & keep on loving the learning I am getting through you. Thank you heaps!” – Chrissy

If you’re building a business, this is for you . . . . Just spent 2 hours with Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer, your “get it done girl”. Her topic: 7 Core Truths to Big Business Development. I can’t begin to pick one take away as she loaded up our time with so much practical substance! What struck me most: Set your intention and know what it is that you want to create in the world. The “why” behind your work will keep you on course. Your why engages your passion, locks in your commitment and ensures the authenticity you will need in business to thrive! Amber displays this in her work — she’s not just about building a big business; she up to giving and helping others build theirs. Thank you, Amber!” – Elaine

I just wanted to say you are in your genius. I am so honored to know you and to watch you soar.” – Kate

Feeling blessed to have been a part of Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer’s conference call training session “Top Truths to Big Business Success”. Such an amazing, inspirational and motivating woman! My biggest takeaway from her lesson: “Feel the fear and then do it anyways!”. So often we are on the verge of greatness and fear scares us away. Take the leap of faith! And contact Amber if you ever need a helping hand as you learn to spread your wings — feeling motivated with Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer.” – Kelsey

Many times when we feel fear, we’re on the brink of brilliance.” – @AmberLudwig Love working with this girl!!” – Shannon

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer is the brilliant and motivational woman who has been a fabulous support person for me as I grow my business. Today she hosted a teleseminar packed with content but my two big takeaways were: 1.) To trust myself and my own voice and 2.) Take constant action – momentum in one area creates momentum in many areas. Thanks Amber!” – Gayle

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Immediately upon filling out the form below this audio will be emailed to you!
Thank you for your interest!