Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #13: Top Keys to Get Better Blog Results

Do you have a blog but struggle with how to….

  • get engagement from your audience with comments and shares
  • structure your blog post for best results
  • lead your readers onto other pages and posts on your site
  • stay consistent with scheduling blog posts
  • promote your posts for best long-term success
  • leverage other blog networks to gain massive exposure, build trust and credibility?

That’s EXACTLY why I created this blog training webcast video for you. It’s time to hop on the blog train.

Learn how I got 1,000 NEW visitors to my website in less than 24 hours just because of 1 single blog post, plus all of my blogging strategies and techniques through this video.

video format

Make a comment below sharing:
  1. One takeaway you got from today’s training
  2. A question you’d like to ask Amber

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2 Comments on Authentic Leader Webcast Episode #13: Top Keys to Get Better Blog Results

  1. Thank you Amber, this information is SO valulable.
    I am creating a centre and symposium for Single Parents which will also include a website.
    I love to write and have alot of information and knowledge to share with this demographic. I have had blog posts in the past just because I like to write.

    Having these tips that clarify how to create a blog that will “win” members and draw them to the website to learn about our centre and services is very important. Thank you for the “Plan” I intend on using it religiously.

    Our website url is

    Thanks again

    • This is AWESOME feedback Liz! Thank you so much for watching and offering this comment. I love helping people! 😀

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