Monthly Training

If You're Looking for a Low-Cost, Low-Commitment Way to Get
High-Level Training in Manageable Chunks, then this Training Is For You!

A message from Amber

My deepest passion is to help you live your potential, love your work and create the long-term financial freedom to live life fully.

The more people I help the more I feel alive, on purpose and grateful.

Coaching requests are pouring in every day from entrepreneurs just like you who want to know exactly what to do to achieve their dreams and goals.

Since I am unable to work with everyone on a 1-1 capacity due to time restraints, I have developed a killer monthly training program that I know you’ll love!

Is This You?

You have a deep passion inside to help others.

You want to build an incredible business online that you love because you want freedom, flexibility, creativity and impact in your day-to-day life.

You know that if you could just find the right guidance, you would be unstoppable.

You’ve bought into programs in the past and they usually left you confused, behind and disappointed. Regardless, you keep trying because you know the answers are out there, but if you could just find the right partner to help you, wow, would it make all the difference in the world…

That is why I developed this program. It’s to help you build that incredible business, give you the support you crave and offer you a partner in crime to celebrate your wins with.

The Details

Each month I will deliver a 1-hour training video to your Inbox with FRESH content to help you build your following, dominate social media, monetize your business and more. This is strictly a month-to-month program and you can cancel anytime (…though I don’t think you’ll want to – that’s just how much value I’m going to give you!).
Monthly Online Business Training Video Program
Literally think of this as having a one-hour coaching call with me each month where I tell you exactly what to focus on that month, give you examples so you’re not left with a million questions – all based on MY own experience of what is working online and what isn’t.

Training Topics

  • Month One: How to immediately generate income to relieve your financial anxiety!
  • Month Two: Finally, a plan that makes sense for managing the stress and overwhelm so you can get back to your most productive, creative self!
  • Month Three: The highest-level, simple strategies to maximize your social media success, plus how to create better engagement with your fans!
  • Month Four: Learn how to setup and launch the top-selling products and programs online to escalate your long-term monetization plan!
  • Month Five: The power of free content and the step-by-step process for converting those lookers into buyers!
  • Month Six: The ultimate launch strategy… The nitty gritty on what emails to write and when to send them, what social media posts to publish, how to make your launch go viral, attracting joint venture partners and so much more!
  • Month Seven+: You’ll have to wait and see! Oh, so mean, I know… We have plenty of training to keep you satisfied long-term!

People Are Talking

Lisa HillerenAmber puts her heart and soul into her endeavors, the result being the delivery of products and services that far exceed her clients’ expectations. Amber is an outstanding business coach, especially for clients looking to build/grow their on-line presence. She’s one of very few trainers I know who can take complex topics, break them down into manageable bites, and present them in an easily digestable manner. If you’re looking for a dynamic team-player who delivers superior results and an exceptional customer experience, Amber is the woman to hire. I highly recommend her and will personally be using her services again and again for my future projects!” – Lisa Hilleren

Dawn-Marie HanrahanIf you are considering Amber for any project, large or small, personal or business, I can save you time, effort and money by assuring you SHE is YOUR go-to-gal! AND… in ways you haven’t even thought of yet! Dynamic! Fun! Highly motivated and thunderously committed to YOUR success, she will whip your project into shape in no time at all and you’ll actually thank her for the whiplash! Do it for your business. Do it to for your family. Do it for your peace of mind. Just do it…” – Dawn-Marie Hanrahan

Pamela ZimmerAmber is a true professional expert. She is authentic, knowledgeable, and extremely supportive and inspiring. In every area of my business that she has helped me, I have seen success. I highly recommend Amber for any of your online business needs!” – Pamela Zimmer

If You’re Tired of Trying to Figure It All Out Alone…

…and see the value in accessing more than 7 intensive years of my own online training and development of a multi-six-figure business I love, then this month-to-month training program is for you!

My coaching clients are paying $750/hour to get access to this same knowledge, but I wanted to make this a no-brainer for you because at the end of the day, I really just want to support you.

This program will normally be sold at $47/month BUT I am offering a special price for the first 100 individuals to sign on!

I like rewarding you for taking action, so when you join my online business monthly training program today, I’m going to reduce the price almost in half!

You’ll get access to this once-a-month, 1-hour training video for just $27 per month!

If you’re like most of my clients you really only need a solid dose of direction and then you can execute from there. Not only will I give you direction and the roadmap for executing but you’ll also get access to our private Authentic Leader Facebook group for ongoing support and interaction with me and our amazing community!

Again, you can cancel anytime but I strongly urge you to sign up for month 1 to see the value for yourself.


I really want you to feel on a core level just how much I want to help and be a part of your journey to multi-six-figure success so I’ve decided to offer even MORE value up front to power your dreams even more.

When you jump in with both feet today I’m going to give you access to EIGHT training videos which give you training that otherwise is only in my signature Authentic Messenger online ecourse offered just once a year!

You’ll learn:

  • The very process I used to overcome my greatest obstacles and fears, the most troubling memories of my past and stepped into my highest, most authentic self and how that skyrocketed my success in all areas of life.
  • Take a deep dive into all of the mindset issues that ARE standing in your way of true success (and most of them you aren’t even aware of!) plus how to re-program so you can fully live your potential.
  • Get exposed to the comprehensive personal development system that is allowing the greatest thought leaders to “do it all” and have a super amazing, yet balanced lifestyle.
  • Total branding – define who you want to help, why, how you help them then we brand yourself and your company in a way that will get you better results.
  • TWO videos on the 6 pillars for online business success focusing on branding, website development, list-building, content planning, product development and social media.
  • How to make a rock solid personal and business strategy that will result in your vision being fulfilled.
  • How to take all of this information and develop your leadership platform so you’re recognized as the go-to authority in your industry

All of those topics are covered in my signature Authentic Messenger course and you’re getting a 10-minute introductory video to each of those modules as a bonus for entering into my monthly training program!

Success Is Rewarded To Those Who Take Action

Whether you join me for this program or not, taking action is what separates the successful from those who are still chugging along trying to figure it out.

I am offering you a non-overwhleming, affordable training program that I believe in my heart will offer you the value and expertise you’re looking for to make your dreams a reality.

If you’re ready to take action, and get the 8 bonus videos + month 1 training video in your Inbox then click the Order button below:

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There will never be a time in your life where everything lines up perfectly to create your perfect 10 level of success. Day by day, decision by decision, you have to create your perfect level 10 life.

You have to commit to being your greatest self and making the most out of your one and only life.

I can’t wait to support you. I’ll see you on the other side of your registration!


Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer
Developing Authentic Leaders

(PS) Stop sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else create and launch awesome products, building huge fan bases and making gobs of money online while helping tons of people. There is plenty of opportunity to go around but you have to change your same ‘ole routine and actions if you want bigger and better results.

Click here to register today and let me teach you how to build your online platform to give you the freedom you crave!