Laura Madden

Amber is incredibly professional & trustworthy to get the job done. She is a motivator who can move others to create their dreams and achieve great things for themselves.

Laura Madden

To say that working with NGNG has been a game changer would be an understatement. Their team is so on it all the time and makes things that can easily become extremely difficult, simple and smooth. Its nothing short of a pleasure working with Amber and Wayne and I am so pleased to have them on our team.

Kelsey Borlan Lee, The Brand Gals

I always turn to Casey Demchak when I need high-quality lead generation direct mail, video scripts, and persuasive e-blasts and web pages that get results. He is consistent, reliable and very easy to work with.

Greg Olson

“In the last two days, I have listened to your “Top Truths To Big Business Success” podcast audio teliseminar replay twice. I am going to listen to it again this weekend. I could not make it to the live seminar weeks ago, so the replay was the next best thing. It is so “flippin’ cool. That is right. I said “flippin”. Two hours of jammed packed “awesomeness.” You never fail to amaze me in the advice and tips you can pack into content you share, whether it be free or paid content. I was gitty listening to it because of such great ideas you were sharing–some were new ideas and some were great reminders. I have notes from the audio written on my arms, hands, scratch pieces of paper, etc. As I move through the last two days, I am leaving a trail of notes from the awesome ideas your shared that I have written down–except for the hands and arm notes. Your audio ignited a blazing fire within me based on your superstar message for building a successful business. No wonder you are so successful in business–you apply what you preach, and it works! That shows the power you have as a business coach. You believe in yourself, and you believe in the people who look to you as a role model and leader. The only thing left to say is Thank You. Thank you for inspiring, helping, and transforming individuals to strive for greatness, just like how you are living your dream through what you do every day.” – Nicholas Kleve

Nicholas Kleve

Definitely Got it Done! Amber’s the real deal! When she says “I’m your get it done gal,” she’s not not kidding! Connecting me to resources, finishing a design layout, setting up a workable invoicing plan… She is amazing! I love her not only for what she does but for who she is.

Christine Cress

“I’m an advocate for keeping as much business as possible in the United States, even if it cuts into my profitability more than going off shore. That said, I hired Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer of NGNG (No Guts, No Glory) to design and develop two websites, (one brand new, the other already existing) design my social media pages and all of my collateral material. Her bid was the lowest I received which, BTW, is not why I hired her. She came highly recommended from my coach, I loved the sites she did, and she understands small business ownership. For TWO SITES her bid was lower than ONE site with everyone else. Her work has proven to be gorgeous, her ideas are sound and proven, and she is probably one of the easiest people I’ve ever worked with. She really gets online business development.”


Amber helped me and many others co-authors become part of an Amazon best selling book. She is a true professional and expert at what she does as well as authentically good people. Definitely support her skills and recommend collaborating with her.

Bret Warshawsky

If I could describe Amber in one word, it would simply be AWESOME! Well, maybe EXTRAORDINARY! Then again, it could be AMAZING! Regardless of the word, it has been such a pleasure working with Amber. She taught me a great deal about Internet Marketing, Blogging and creating Web sites, all while remaining focused on every detail. What seemed daunting and scary to me, Amber made creative and fun.

Paul E Hendricks

The Key Message Copy Platform Casey Demchak wrote for us was really spot on. The marketing messages he created were dynamic and persuasive, and the process was smooth and professional. Having 10 pages of well-crafted marketing messages at my fingertips made it much easier to put together engaging content for all of our marketing channels. Thanks Casey!

Dawn Miears

Relate-ability, positivity, work-ethic, care/love for those you serve…

Eric Graham