Richard, I love your writing and the blogs you’ve put out for me for the past 4 years. You are obviously highly skilled! I truly have the utmost respect for you and your abilities. Thanks for continuing to create a high level of information for my blog.


Amber is a great person to work with. She is committed to her work and is highly productive, creative and supportive and was able to help me produce a very fine publication. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for these qualities in a person.

Alistair Lobo

You are young and ferocious. Meaning that you took your formal education and immediately started to build on it. Many finish college and say “what now?”. You let “you” shine through without the smoldering and stuffy suit and tie; your knowledge and work speaks for it self without weighing it down with a dress code…This immediately makes people that are seeking growth very comfortable. ..non intimidating. And you appear to be very genuine. Love the email blasts and teachings.

Benita Arceneaux

Thank you so much for all the effort you put into producing such great content on a regular basis. I love what you are doing in your emails and videos, thank you for your great example! You are a treasure!

Mara Roberts

I approached Amber and her team at NGNG with the idea of building a simple website to support my dream of starting a blog and eventually becoming a published author. I brought with me only a vague idea of what I wanted and absolutely no idea of how to make it happen. Having less than zero experience with websites, computers, or even blogging, I was definitely dealing with an “in over my head” feeling – and pushing myself far out of my comfort zone.

NGNG, Amber, and her team came highly recommended to me, and I can see why! They all went above and beyond any expectations I had. Amber possesses the rare ability to listen with an open mind, believe in your dreams right along with you, support your ideas and make them a reality – all while sharing her extensive knowledge, enthusiastic spirit, and unwavering support. The website Amber, Shannon, and the NGNG team designed for me is far beyond what I imagined, and the training I received every step of the way made the entire process easy, understandable, and fun!

From start to finish this has been a tremendous experience for me – one I could never have done without Amber and her team. I truly can’t say enough wonderful things about this amazing group of people! if you are looking for better than the best, you need look no further than Amber, NGNG, and her exceptional team!

Thanks to all of you! Quite simply – YOU ROCK!

Heather Dolen

“Amber’s value to clients is, in my opinion, unparallelled. I honestly can not recommend her highly enough, both to potential clients and employees.”

Travis Watson

You are honest and authentic however I think u might have rebranded some and I am not sure of exactly all that you do besides websites now

Leslee Serdar

“Holy pimpification, Batman!!! Are you in your zone or what?! Seriously, great work. I really appreciate what you did!!!!!”

Kristina P

I’m getting so many compliments on my web site…thank you!!!! And it’s super cool getting the time trade notices and not having to deal with scheduling. Oh, and I have gotten more sign ups for my list already this month than I got in the last couple of years, lol!

Dana Lynch, AICI FLC

“I’m an advocate for keeping as much business as possible in the United States, even if it cuts into my profitability more than going off shore. That said, I hired Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer of NGNG (No Guts, No Glory) to design and develop two websites, (one brand new, the other already existing) design my social media pages and all of my collateral material. Her bid was the lowest I received which, BTW, is not why I hired her. She came highly recommended from my coach, I loved the sites she did, and she understands small business ownership. For TWO SITES her bid was lower than ONE site with everyone else. Her work has proven to be gorgeous, her ideas are sound and proven, and she is probably one of the easiest people I’ve ever worked with. She really gets online business development.”