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Infinite Impact

By Amber Vilhauer

An Uncomplicated Framework For You To Get In Alignment, Apply That To Your Platform, And Experience Real Impact.

Whether you have an assistant, web designer, social media agency, mentor, or podcast producer…this book is meant to be experienced as a group with EACH member of your team so you collectively stay in Alignment. This book offers “Team Action Lists” as well as training resources and implementation next steps to maximize your results!

The Long Forest Trail

By Clay & Amber Vilhauer

Experience the Power of Connection with Nature and Each Other For Stronger Health and Happiness.

Join Clay and his mom on an enchanting journey through nature as they explore a vibrant trail of discovery. Hand in hand, they embark on a colorful adventure, where Clay learns about happiness and resilience while facing challenges from the elements. Through heartfelt conversations, Clay realizes the power of love, trust, kindness, and staying strong through life’s obstacles.

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