An uncomplicated framework for you to get in Alignment, optimize your platform, and experience real Impact.

“If you are serious about having a significant launch of your book, product or personal brand, there is only one source I recommend: Amber Vilhauer. She’s extraordinary.”
“Amber has been instrumental in so many ways for my business and for me personally. I’ve had nothing but impeccable, high-level conversations with her.”
“Amber’s company NGNG Enterprises is an amazing company to work with – best I’ve seen in the industry!”
“Hiring an Amber was an absolute game-changer! A fantastic experience from beginning to end.”
“Amber Vilhauer is fantastic. We launched my book together and it was mind blowing. A $1mm+ launch!”
“Amber is the very best at what she does! Everyone knows you are a force of nature but what really differentiates you is your level of care.”

For Entrepreneurs

Designed To Be Read With Your Entire Team!

Whether you have an assistant, web designer, social media agency, mentor, or podcast producer… this book is meant to be experienced as a group with EACH member of your team so you collectively stay in Alignment. This book offers “Team Action Lists” as well as training resources and implementation next steps to maximize your results!

Step 1

Order copies of the book
for you + each team member

Step 2

Get the Companion Toolkit

Step 3

Share with your team,
friends, and family!


Don’t Forget Your Companion Toolkit

The Infinite Impact Companion Toolkit gives you and your team access to many of Amber’s very best tools, documents, and resources to more naturally achieve the desired outcomes for your books and business in a more effortless manner.

The Infinite Impact Workbook

The Infinite Impact Workbook will be used to formally document your brand-specific vision, why, core values, avatar, and strategies so that any team member, vendor, or mentor can stay in alignment with your brand as they work to support your growth. 

Books & Business Dashboard

The Infinite Impact Books & Business Dashboard is what I call the “Source of Truth” for your brand. This comprehensive spreadsheet serves as a central hub for all the links and assets within your company (from lead magnets to speaking engagements, and your customer journey to offer stack). It streamlines the sharing of information and keeps everyone on the same page. 

Exercises Log

The Infinite Impact Exercises Log will enhance your book journey experience. This document offers you a clean space to journal your way through the exercises in the book.

Additional Training & Resources:
  • Gain access to a video that teaches you how to outline a year’s worth of specific and aligned marketing content in less than five minutes. 
  • You’ll also receive a job description to help you hire a Creative Marketing Assistant (CMA) who can assist with foundational content marketing and book launch project management. 
  • Additionally, you can explore our NGNG Pricing Menu to model our strategy and layout for your own business. 
  • You’ll also receive my exclusive Amazon book page optimization checklist, which includes tasks most publishers won’t even do for you. 
  • Lastly, access my library of over 100 Books & Business tip videos. 

Get your team on the fast track to streamline your operations!

Preview The Book

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About The Book

About Infinite Impact

We live in an era when misinformation and artificially created content are on the rise. This is breeding consumer distrust, causing traditional marketing and sales strategies to plummet in effectiveness.

To not only ensure business survival but to experience growth of your profit and impact, there is one proven way forward: optimize your books and business to authentically self-express your cause. Only then will your ideal buyers be attracted to you and convert more naturally, allowing infinite impact and personal freedom to inevitably follow.

The major problem? The vast majority of entrepreneurs are hustling and grinding, operating out of alignment. Alignment is like the game of Jenga. If one piece is out of alignment, it threatens the stability of the entire structure. In Vilhauer’s deep dive into what she calls “The Work” (her Foundational Four Framework), entrepreneurs identify their blind spots, overcome resistance, and strengthen their core to lead their company into greatness...

AmberV continues by teaching entrepreneurs how to apply their alignment to optimize their marketing, sales, operations, and book launch effectiveness. These very methods enabled her to:

  • Cut her time spent on marketing by 90% (while no longer wondering where her next client will come from).
  • Improve her closing percentage from 25% to 60%+ because 95% of incoming leads are qualified. 
  • Double her company profit.

When entrepreneurs make aligned decisions and their books and businesses operate harmoniously, congruence is achieved, and impact ripples out to degrees beyond what they can imagine.

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Pre-Order In Bulk

If you are interested in purchasing bulk copies of Infinite Impact, connect directly with Amber and her team to customize a bonus package that fits your needs!


Client Testimonials

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Community Love

Mark B. Murphy
Northeast Sequoia

“Amber is the very best at what she does! Everyone knows she is a force of nature but what really differentiates her is her level of care."

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Naomi Sodomin

“Amber is excellent, confident, loyal and reliable. She is an amazing person to work with whose heart is completely in her work.” 

Casey Demchak

“Amber is a one-in-a-million marketing professional. In my 20-year career, I've come across very few people who combine talent, intelligence, drive, and inspiration with the power and passion that Amber does. Her results are always first-rate.”

AV logo square
Linda Wilson

“Amber helps to simplify your business. She helped me build a system that allows my business to manage itself.” 

Kim Chenier

“Amber has great ideas and a great vision. She has a wealth of knowledge on growing online presence and making that presence cohesive.” 

download (4)
Jai A. Darden

“Amber got to know me, my personality, and my business. Amber was the answer to take my business to the next level.” 

Screenshot 2024-03-10 at 18.28
Beth Rosen

“Amber plants the seeds to help you expand and build your business.” 

Wilhelmien van Nieuwenhuizen

“Amber amazed me at how she identified exactly what I needed to help me be more successful.” 

Dr. Gayle Friend

“Amber made the process very easy. She gave great insight into defining my ideal client.” 

download (1)
Pete Vargas
Advance Your Reach

“Amber’s company NGNG Enterprises, is an amazing company to work with - best I’ve seen in the industry!”  

Ashish Kothari

“Together, AmberV will be able to support you in helping you get to the best possible outcome, support you, and amplify your message out there in supporting you as a human being and supporting you as a leader.”

Christina Bjorndal

“Amber is smart, fast, friendly, efficient, and a wealth of knowledge. She not only met expectations, she exceeded them.” 

Laura Miolla

“Working with Amber was one of the best business decisions that I’ve ever made.” 

Catherine Lucas

“Amber is truly a visionary in her field.” 

download (5)
Lisa Hilleren

“Amber is a passionate advocate for authors. She gave me the tools and the confidence to succeed in following my dream.” 

Michele Wilson

“Amber’s amazing, creative expertise, ability, and effective coaching style helped me to become laser-focused.” 

download (6)
Pamela Zimmer

“Amber is one of the most supportive, encouraging, and knowledgeable people I know when it comes to anything online.” 

download (7)
Jeneen Masih

“Working with Amber was a transformative process. It allowed me to clarify my business and express myself.” 

Dr. Robyn Benson
Founder, A.R.T.

“Amber does the work of three people with the ultimate care and vision. I couldn’t recommend anyone more than her.” 

Dr. Kim D’Eramo

Amber goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients! She takes care of you and supports you in every way.” 

Tony Lopes

“Amber is extremely giving of herself in terms of her time, her experience, and her network. Amber wants to make sure that we are collectively all successful in our own right.” 

Dawn Marie Hanrahan

“In addition to Amber’s skills and knowledge, what hooked me was her genuine enthusiasm for my success and her determination to get me there.” 

download (3)
MC Laubscher

“The entire experience of working with Amber was phenomenal. I learned invaluable lessons as an entrepreneur.” 

Kiran Chatha

“Amber helps to give you the tools to communicate with your audience effectively.” 

Screenshot 2024-03-10 at 18.31
Kavetha Sundaramoorthy

“I was blown away with Amber’s professionalism, her punctuality, and her deep understanding of online marketing.” 

Allison Tuffs

“Amber is enthusiastic and encouraging with everything she does. She helped me to overcome my fears and to challenge myself.” 

Nicholas Kleve

“Amber believes in bettering herself every day. She’s constantly trying to improve and strive for greatness. She sets the bar high when it comes to expectations.” 

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The Author

About Amber Vilhauer

Amber Vilhauer is the visionary CEO and Founder of NGNG Enterprises (No Guts No Glory), a top strategic planning and marketing agency and Inc. 5000 award-winner. 

In the nearly twenty years she’s been building healthy, profitable, impact-driven online brands, Amber has mastered the art of designing customized and highly leveraged operations to help authors, speakers, and coaches make a sustainable impact that cements their legacy.

As an award-winning leader, Amber has successfully orchestrated countless book launch campaigns, making more than 1,000 authors, including Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, and Mark Victor Hansen, #1 bestsellers.

Her emphasis on personally meaningful and human connection-based outcomes is what sets her apart from traditional internet marketers, contributing to the demand for her as an industry-leading speaker, consultant, and trainer.

Through her compelling story of overcoming adversity and a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Amber has become a guiding light for authors, speakers, and coaches worldwide. 

She currently resides in Northern Colorado with her little boy, who is the #1 joy in her life. They frequent their cabin in the woods to soak in nature, play, and experience adventure on the long forest trails. 

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