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The Infinite Impact Companion Toolkit gives you and your team access to many of Amber’s very best tools, documents, and resources to more naturally achieve the desired outcomes for your books and business in a more effortless manner.

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The Infinite Impact Workbook

The Infinite Impact Workbook will be used to formally document your brand-specific vision, why, core values, avatar, and strategies so that any team member, vendor, or mentor can stay in alignment with your brand as they work to support your growth. 

Books & Business Dashboard

The Infinite Impact Books & Business Dashboard is what I call the “Source of Truth” for your brand. This comprehensive spreadsheet serves as a central hub for all the links and assets within your company (from lead magnets to speaking engagements, and your customer journey to offer stack). It streamlines the sharing of information and keeps everyone on the same page. 

Exercises Log

The Infinite Impact Exercises Log will enhance your book journey experience. This document offers you a clean space to journal your way through the exercises in the book.

Additional Training & Resources:
  • Gain access to a video that teaches you how to outline a year’s worth of specific and aligned marketing content in less than five minutes. 
  • You’ll also receive a job description to help you hire a Creative Marketing Assistant (CMA) who can assist with foundational content marketing and book launch project management. 
  • Additionally, you can explore our NGNG Pricing Menu to model our strategy and layout for your own business. 
  • You’ll also receive my exclusive Amazon book page optimization checklist, which includes tasks most publishers won’t even do for you. 
  • Lastly, access my library of over 100 Books & Business tip videos. 


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