“I thank God for the day you came into my life and business. You are one of the most selfless people that I have ever met. You warm up my heart with so much kindness that I well up as I write this.”

Dr. Ken

I always turn to Casey Demchak when I need high-quality lead generation direct mail, video scripts, and persuasive e-blasts and web pages that get results. He is consistent, reliable and very easy to work with.

Greg Olson

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer is always one step ahead of the curve in all aspects of her life, be they personal or professional. I am fortunate to know her as both a friend and a colleague. In her “work state”, Amber is vivacious, creative, and ambitious; but without the hard edge. She will reach out to offer a helping hand, advice, and let others share in her successes, but just as easily; Amber will ask for help, and criticism, and allow her efforts to go unnoticed in another’s limelight. Her actions are genuine whether they be as a friend or a business partner. She is an asset to any group, team, collaboration, or company.

Jason Reagan

“All I had was her written work. But it contained the key I needed to unlock the growth in my people. I implemented her programs in a division miles away from the one she previously built while at Vector/Cutco. It was the most powerful, game-changing experience I have had to date. Bottom line, I highly recommend anything she does or creates. You would be a fool not to follow her.”

Julie Davis

“There is nothing that I could ever say, that would speak loud enough about my feelings, regarding Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer and the professional online marketing support she provided me, while publishing “Succeeding in Spite of it All”. The online and technical part of the publishing process was new to me, and was a bit daunting to say the least. I signed on with her 1 on 1 coaching package, and from that moment on I knew I was in good hands and never really looked back. I felt cared about and supported, and I knew I had a real “expert” by my side. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Amber for executing this part of this process for me, and for truly being a cheerleader to me as well. Amber was always available to take that extra step with me, and time was never a problem. I would recommend Amber to anyone needing online marketing support and/or coaching. She is truly a professional I am glad to have on my team.”

Kelley Edelblut

Honestly, you are my hero!! I want to be just like you when I grow up. I so admire you with your energy and vision. I have always told you, you are too wise to be this young!! So glad you are happy and successful…and that I have you on my team.

Rhondda Hartman

“Amber………you’re the best! The website has been a huge success in regards to traffic being directed from google, CND etc. and has gathered more new clients than I might have received otherwise. Always getting compliments from those that have seen the website….so pleased!”

Carol H

Amber is a POWERHOUSE! She gets things done with grace and ease. She worked with me on a book project and made what could have been a hard and stressful process into a self-expression and service. Thank you Amber for helping me get my voice in the world…

Dr. Venus Opal Reese

You very well could be the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I don’t think I value anyone’s opinion more than yours.

Travis Watson

Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer I always loved how you LIVE your story. It’s always refreshing to see that what inspired you to leave a certain job or relationship is the same thing that drives you now and continues to drive you. For me, you are authentic and transparent.

Nguyen Tom Griggs