Amber is a POWERHOUSE! She gets things done with grace and ease. She worked with me on a book project and made what could have been a hard and stressful process into a self-expression and service. Thank you Amber for helping me get my voice in the world…

Dr. Venus Opal Reese

As a business coach, you work with people where they at. A person may be a New York Times best seller spreading his or her message to millions of people, or a person may be just starting off learning how to spread a message to the masses….you know how to help entrepreneurs at all levels grow and thrive.

Nicholas Kleve

You are the picture of caring, compassion and service.

Joy Golliver

I have previously been a very stubborn, DIY type of girl, but just happen to have booked some time with a fabulous techy lady [Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer] that just so happen to be a coach as well. So I asked her if we could switch the time to a coaching call instead. BEST DECISION EVER! I now have clarity, feel energized, ready for action and full of joy to continue pursuing my passion! What a SHIFT! It really reminded me the power of what we do. Amber, I can not thank you enough for [our coaching call] yesterday! I really appreciate who you are and your impact on my life already!

Marie Casey

“Amber………you’re the best! The website has been a huge success in regards to traffic being directed from google, CND etc. and has gathered more new clients than I might have received otherwise. Always getting compliments from those that have seen the website….so pleased!”

Carol H

“I have had the distinct pleasure of working for Amber and have kept in touch with her for nearly 4 years. Amber is a true professional and is a person of high integrity. It is unusual that you find someone with the drive, ambition, passion for her career and strong desire to help people….all rolled into one amazing person. Amber, keep up the great job…you do great things for those that fortunate to work with you!”

Jim Minter

Amber, This is incredible. Your edits were great and writing is very engaging. If members actually read them, it’s very strong proof points to sign up. Exciting stuff. I would have never been able to develop that email sequence. You just killed it! Thanks so much.

Diego Gomez

“All I had was her written work. But it contained the key I needed to unlock the growth in my people. I implemented her programs in a division miles away from the one she previously built while at Vector/Cutco. It was the most powerful, game-changing experience I have had to date. Bottom line, I highly recommend anything she does or creates. You would be a fool not to follow her.”

Julie Davis

I really enjoy the copy you have put together for my new website. Thank you for taking my words and making them come to reality.


I loved working with Amber! Amber and I worked together in a partnership managing the eWomenPublishingNetwork book campaign that achieved #1 status in 10 categories at Amazon.com. Not only is Amber extremely knowledgeable and talented, she is quick to respond, highly professional, and I could always rely on her to follow through exactly as promised and in a timely fashion.

Ashten Conroy