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ELEVATE Series: Action Steps, Self-Care, and Finding Internal Validation with Heather Hubbard, and Heather Chauvin

Insightful discussion with Heather Hubbard at the helm today with Heather Chauvin while I continue to run the Author Up Live conference online! If you missed the livestream, don't worry you can watch the #replay now.
Elevate Series

The 2 Heathers 🙂 discussed a variety of ways to stay grounded mentally and professionally during our current climate including:

  • BRAIN DUMP! Write down all the action steps you need to take before your work day…know what you’re doing before you get on the computer.
  • Make self-care a high priority so that you are able to handle everything flying at you to the best of your ability
  • Go within instead of seeking outside validation. You are the person that needs to show up to LEAD.

About Amber, Heather Hubbard and Heather Chauvin:

Amber Vilhauer, your dedicated host, is the owner and powerful leader of NGNG Enterprises, which stands for NoGutsNoGlory. Since 2007, Amber and her teams have supported entrepreneurs with building high-performance websites, bestseller book launch campaigns, and online marketing systems to power your success. Our flagship program is which trains your team how to do ALL of our foundational content marketing FOR you (…so you are freed up to focus on selling!💥). Authors have raved and raved about our course to revive and re-launch their book and get success in this climate. We’ve launched nearly 1,000 websites through our agency Amber speaks to communities around the globe and is relentless about offering you RELIEF and STRATEGY to elevate your situation during this recession. We have your back fully!

Today’s host, Heather Hubbard, is a former high-powered attorney turned speaker and strategist who helps entrepreneurs and service professionals grow their businesses. She’s the host of the popular podcast, Hustle & Flow, and is best known for her masterminds and planning system.

Heather Chauvin – Heather is a leadership coach and strategic parenting expert who helps ambitious women become leaders at work and home. She is the host of the Mom Is In Control Podcast. Heather has been featured as a TEDx speaker and on The OWN Network, CTV, and The Jenny McCarthy Show. She has also appeared in Entrepreneur and Real Simple.





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