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ELEVATE Series: Leverage Who You Uniquely Are with Dr.Sean Pastuch and Ken Andrukow

Just had a truly POWERFUL ELEVATEseries conversation with Dr. Sean Pastuch and Ken Andrukow. This wasn't a talk about tactics, this was about THOUGHT LEADERSHIP.
ELEVATE Series: Ken Andrukow and Dr. Sean Pastuch with Amber Vilhauer

We’re all in the same boat right now, and if you want that boat to move in the presence of harsh winds, a hot sun, and driving rain, you’ve got to see yourself as part of the ocean that MOVES the boat—no matter what the circumstances are.

How can you do that? By:

  • Not complaining about who you are, but LEVERAGING who you are. Even if you’re a worrier, for example, how can you LEVERAGE that for the sake of others and your business?
  • Helping people LEVERAGE the power of their own abilities!
  • Believing in your product or service so much that you’re willing to adapt it to NEW problems! Don’t miss this one! I really meant it.  It was OFF THE CHARTS!

If you want to know more about me, Dr. Sean, or Ken (and you reeealllly do )…

ELEVATEseries Speaker Bios:

Amber Vilhauer, your dedicated host, is the owner and powerful leader of NGNG Enterprises, which stands for NoGutsNoGlory. Since 2007, Amber and her teams have supported entrepreneurs with building high-performance websites, bestseller book launch campaigns, and online marketing systems to power your success.

Our flagship program is which trains your team how to do ALL of our foundational content marketing FOR you (…so you are freed up to focus on selling!💥). Authors have raved and raved about our course to revive and re-launch their book and get success in this climate. We’ve launched nearly 1,000 websites through our agency Amber speaks to communities around the globe and is relentless about offering you RELIEF and STRATEGY to elevate your situation during this recession. We have your back fully!

Dr. Sean Pastuch -Sean specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of any dysfunction that limits athletic performance. His company, Active Life, helps Professional Athletes and CrossFit athletes from around the world, including multiple CrossFit Games Champions, with remote treatment in the form of strength and movement programming. A former Crossfit Affiliate owner, Dr. Sean now focuses 100% of his time and energy on delivering inspiring rehab services to athletes all around the world.

Ken Andrukow – Ken is a talented and accomplished entrepreneur turned coach. After successfully building several 7/8 figure businesses in multiple industries Ken spends much of his time now helping entrepreneurs unlock their true potential and identify blind spots in their businesses

ELEVATEseries: Dr. Sean Pastuch and Ken Andrukow with Amber Vilhauer




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