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ELEVATE Series: The Powerful Impact of Human Connection with Ian Jones and Pete Bombaci

WOW! I cannot say enough about this Elevate Series conversation with Pete Bombaci and Ian Jones. It was SO needed and so incredibly valuable.
Elevate Series Pete Bombaci & Ian Jones

Pete, Ian, and I discussed:

  • What the world is missing right now (and what we can do about it)
  • How true human connection effects your health and your happiness
  • And how you can be more open to connection and make a bigger impact

Note: technical issues broke this session into two parts. Please excuse the disruption in the video at the 33min mark.

Please take a moment to watch this video and share this message. The world needs more of this right now!

Meet Ian:

After 35+ years working with/for a number of major internationally branded hotel groups, Ian’s expertise as a pre-opening, post opening, renovation and re-launch hotel specialist are unquestionable. He’s worked in the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, China and most recently South Africa. Ian’s ability to adapt in different languages and cultures, and find common ground with our people, is how he delivers strategic results.

Meet Pete:

Pete is a charismatic and visionary business leader who believes that by doing the right thing every day, exceptional results are created. His engaging leadership style comes from an enthusiasm and genuine desire to help others, as well as the belief that building a great culture encourages collaboration, great execution and ultimately bottom-line results. For the last 3 years Pete has been focused on the roll out of his passion project, The GenWell Project. A human connection movement whose mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place by reminding people about the importance of face to face human connection and inspiring them to take action. Together we can make the world a happier and healthier place.

Meet your dedicated host, Amber Vilhauer:

Industry’s leading marketing expert Amber Vilhauer, is the owner and powerful leader of NGNG Enterprises, which stands for NoGutsNoGlory. Since 2007, Amber and her teams have supported entrepreneurs with building high-performance websites, bestseller book launch campaigns, and online marketing systems to power your success. Our flagship program is which trains your team how to do ALL of our foundational content marketing FOR you (…so you are freed up to focus on selling). Authors have raved and raved about our course to revive and re-launch their book and get success in this climate. We’ve launched nearly 1,000 websites through our agency Amber speaks to communities around the globe constantly and is relentless about offering you RELIEF and STRATEGY to elevate your situation during this recession. We have your back fully!

Watch the ELEVATE Series: with Ian Jones and Pete Bombaci right here:




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