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ELEVATE Series: Selling in Service with Kayvon, Anik Singal, and Heather Hubbard

WOW, mind blown! What a FANTASTIC panel discussion I had together with these 3 leaders! If you missed the livestream, I'm telling you RUN, don't walk, to watch the replay.
ELEVATE Series: Kayvon, Anik Singal, Heather Hubbard with Amber Vilhauer

Anik Singal, Heather Hubbard, Kayvon and I discussed why NOW is the time for new opportunity in your business, and how that doesn’t equal taking advantage of people.

Here’s what it does mean:

  • If you have something to sell that could truly serve someone right now, why wouldn’t you step up to the plate and SERVE?
  • Now’s the time to be a leader and create your audience. If you don’t, someone else will.
  • You can either sit in your fear or lean into this NEW opportunity that you’ve been given to serve to others!

Boom! What a privilege it is to host such an amazing series.

If you want to know more about Heather, Kayvon, and Anik:

Kayvon- As a sales and closing expert, Kayvon has created a scientific sales system that allows businesses, consultants and service providers to connect with their audience and create a two-way relationship that eliminates objections and resistance before they even show up. With 20 years of sales experience, Kayvon is known as a Titan in his industry.

Heather – A former high-powered attorney turned speaker and strategist who helps entrepreneurs and service professionals grow their businesses. She’s the host of the popular podcast, Hustle & Flow, and is best known for her masterminds and plan.

Anik – Anik is the Founder and CEO of Lurn, Inc. Having trained over 300,000 Entrepreneurs all over the World, he is recognized as one of the World’s Top Entrepreneurship coaches. Anik Singal is on a mission to empower more than 1,000,000 Entrepreneurs through his new #LurnNation platform at

He also recently created a fund if you’re an entrepreneur in EMERGENCY financial need:

There is an 💥AMAZING💥 amount of value that will be coming your way as we offer guidance on how to keep you, your team and clients on track. Stay in touch here as we continue to add to our list of LIVE events for the series.

Watch the live episode of the ELEVATE Series: Kayvon, Anik Singal, and Heather Hubbard with Amber Vilhauer below!




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