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John Lee Dumas – How to Go From an Influencer to a Successful Speaker

Are you an influencer interested in how to become a paid speaker? I’ve got a real treat for you that you do NOT want to miss out on!

John Lee Dumas, Founder of the top business podcast Entrepreneur On Fire (which now has more than 2,000 episodes published and more than 10 million downloads), goes deep into how he managed to do just that in this PHENOMENAL live interview!

Here are a few questions John answers in the short 15-minute video:

  • What are some specific moves you made to make the leap from a successful podcasting influencer to a successful speaker?
  • What are a few things aspiring speakers need to do to get on bigger stages for bigger fees?
  • How, specifically, can authors use podcasting as a tool for marketing and launch?
  • Do you have any hacks or tricks to recommend that gets you in a position to interview or be on stage with someone, or even talk with someone that once felt unreachable? What could I do to get myself in the door with a significant influencer?
  • What are any last suggestions you’d have so that our listeners can prepare for the most significant launch possible?

Do you want to go from influencer to powerhouse speaker? Do you want the notoriety that will create an incredible book launch? Then grab a notebook, settle in, and learn from a master!




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