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ELEVATE Series: Adapt and Pivot in Life & Business with Brad Johnson, Mike McCarthy, Justin Donald, & Jon Vroman

On this live ELEVATEseries panel, we talk about how to adapt and pivot in both life and business with Front Row Dads. They dropped so much knowledge and insight on this call and I am SO GRATEFUL to have been able to share this space with them.

Our key talking points included:

  • How to manage distractions while navigating this new stay home world
  • How to take care of ourselves, and not just everybody else
  • Plus some great tips and resources to help you lean into new habits and develop deeper connections

AND, if you’d like to know more about our guest speakers today, here’s a little more info about them.

Speaker Bios:

Meet your dedicated host, Amber Vilhauer: Industry’s leading marketing expert Amber Vilhauer, is the owner and powerful leader of NGNG Enterprises, which stands for NoGutsNoGlory. Since 2007, Amber and her teams have supported entrepreneurs with building high-performance websites, bestseller book launch campaigns, and online marketing systems to power your success. Our flagship program is which trains your team how to do ALL of our foundational content marketing FOR you (…so you are freed up to focus on selling). Authors have raved and raved about our course to revive and re-launch their book and get success in this climate. We’ve launched nearly 1,000 websites through our agency Amber speaks to communities around the globe constantly and is relentless about offering you RELIEF and STRATEGY to elevate your situation during this recession. We have your back fully!

Brad Johnson is the VP of Advisor Development for Advisors Excel. His coaching process, The Elite Advisor Blueprint, is a proven six-step process to help his clients build their ideal practice. Its unique focus on maximizing marketing ROI, developing a proprietary planning process, and scaling a business like a CEO has helped build some of the most successful practices in the country.

Jon Vroman is a motivational speaker, author, philanthropist, personal coach, ultra-marathon runner, and founder of Front Row Foundation. He’s also the founder of, a brotherhood committed to being “family men with businesses, not businessmen with families.” 50% of his week is dedicated Front Row Foundation, a charity that creates incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences for kids and adults with life-threatening illnesses by creating Front Row Moments™ at the live event of their dreams.

Mike McCarthy is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of GoBundance, an Adventure Masterminding group of hard charging entrepreneurs who want to lead epic lives! He is also the Co-Author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, co-creator of, and is the Regional Owner for the Keller Williams Realty Greater Pennsylvania Region.

Justin Donald is the founder of the Lifestyle Investor, a brand that educates on investing for cashflow and passive income. He consults entrepreneurs and executives on lifestyle investing, with a forthcoming book and podcast. He is also the co-founder of a residential maintenance and rehab company and owns several successful real estate companies, online businesses, and operating companies, including an Orange Theory Fitness franchise.

Watch the ELEVATEseries: Amber Vilhauer with Brad Johnson, Mike McCarthy, Justin Donald, & Jon Vroman below!




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