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How to Land and Keep Strategic Partnerships In Your Industry

How To Land and Keep

Strategic Partnerships In Your Industry

Strategic partnerships help you acquire customers, drive revenue and enter new markets. But not all companies develop them the right way.

3 Effective Ways Leaders Can Motivate Remote Teams

3 Effective Ways

New Leaders Can Motivate A Remote Team

Working from home is no longer a privilege, rather the new normal. However, managers of remote teams reported feeling burdened with the added responsibility of keeping their team engaged and productive. Here are three ways new leaders can effectively manage and motivate their remote team.


Vector Marketing

Skills For a Life Success Story

The Vector/CUTCO sales opportunity will change your life, if you let it. It changed Amber Ludwig’s. The former University of Arizona student says her experience selling CUTCO was a significant turning point for her, proving to her that she was capable of success.


2020 Marketing Predictions

From Around The World

While wrapping up 2019 in a big beautiful bow, we took a moment to reach out to industry professionals and entrepreneurs to see what they’re predicting will be 2020’s greatest marketing trends.


The Results Are In:

Content Marketing Works!

We spoke with marketers, business owners, and content managers to finally get to the bottom of whether content marketing works or not. Read what they have to say about content marketing, how they use it, and whether or not it actually works.


The Best Expert Tips

For Fighting Procrastination

We reached out to business owners and experts to find out their favorite strategies, tools, apps, and other tips for overcoming procrastination at work and at home. The expert testimony we received is sure to help you develop your own methods to beat procrastination once and for all.

15 things that set successful entrepreneurs apart

15 Things

That Set Successful Entrepreneurs Apart

Seek Capital interviewed small business owners and entrepreneurs to get their first-hand insight on what attributes separate a successful entrepreneur from the rest of the pack. Find out what small business owners say are the most critical characteristics that entrepreneurs need in order to be successful.


17 Ways To Conduct Customer Research Right Now

and Collect Valuable Feedback

Your business depends on knowing your customers inside and out. Here’s how 70 marketers approach running customer research and collecting feedback



Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas

443: Amber Vilhauer empowers Entrepreneurs to make a difference in their industry

EntrepreneurOnFire is a top-ranked business podcast generating over 500,000 unique downloads every month in over 145 countries.


Unbreakable Podcast with Thom Shea

101: Content marketing strategy for better conversion with Thom Shea

If you want to create human connection in a digital world, there’s one way to do it – and that’s video marketing. It’s never been more important (and challenging) to make your clients, customers and prospects feel heard, loved and valued.


BizChix with Natalie Eckdahl

47: Amber Vilhauer of NGNG Enterprises (No Guts No Glory)

BizChix is a leading Podcast interviewing Successful Female Entrepreneurs (along with a few cool Dudes) about their entrepreneurial journey and how they are balancing work, life and other passions.


Conscious Millionare

Brought to you by JV Crum III

Conscious Millionaire is a top-rated podcast with coaching and strategies on how to make big profits and a big difference as a conscious entrepreneur!


Cashflow Ninja with M.C. Laubscher

445: How to scale your marketing leveraging systems

Amber discusses the innovative system she’s created to leverage your marketing power and grow your business.

reveal my #1 strategy to get new clients on the growth experts podcast

Growth Experts with Dennis Brown

188: How to get off the content creation wheel while getting more clients

Amber discusses her #1 strategy for getting new clients, the most important component of your content strategy,  and her biggest challenge growing a 7 figure business.

10 Minute Mindset 540 Promo

10 Minute Mindset

540: Staying in the flow / 541: Effective and consistent digital marketing

Amber joined Mario on 10 Minute Mindset to talk about her journey of creating a life she is truly proud of, some of the things she had to overcome to get to this point, her daily routine that allows her to stay consistent and feeling powerful, and how staying in the flow has allowed her to operate with more ease and fulfillment.


How to connect with your audience in the digital world with Cloris Kylie


219: Secrets of Leverage to Scale Revealed - 5 Minute Success with Karen Briscoe


162: The Future Of Fitness With Eric Malzone


019: The You-est You Podcast with Julie Reisler


139: Websites That Convert - Hustle & Flow with Heather Hubbard


232: The Project Egg Show With Ben Gothard


MyOutDesk With Daniel Ramsey- Content Marketing


052: The Unshackled Owner With Aaron Scott Young


028: Multiplying Influence Through Your Online Presence with Dan Casetta


272: How To Achieve Lasting Online Business Success With Carlie Poznek


066: Buck Inspire Podcast Interview


Turn Website Traffic Into Loyal Customers With Jake Nicolle


033: Website Agency & Branding Strategies With Stephen Esketzis


033: Choosing The Right People & Expanding Your Business With Jonny Andrews


013: The Business Freedom Show With Barbera Aimes


Business Mastery Forum Brought To You By Kimberly Errigo


33: Good Business Ideas: How To Make a Website, Branding, Marketing Plan, and Marketing Strategy with Paul Kemp


012: Stephen Skinner Podcast Interview


Infopreneur Institute Brought To You By Bailey Richert


017: Developing Thought Leaders With Marie Grace Berg


161: Live Event To Donate To Front Row Foundation With Jon Vroman


028: Ethical Entrepreneur Podcast With host Clayton Morris


060: The Artrepreneur Now


015: Collaborative Business Podcast With Peter Simoons


Make 5K a Day Strategies Brought To You By Elena Forbes


004: You Gotta Have The Guts If You Want The REWARDS With Daniel Butler


How To Build a Powerful Online Presence That Gets Results With Ralph Brogden


051: Collaboration For Entrepreneurs With Peter Simoons


024: How To Develop a Powerful Online Presence and Rapidly Grow Your Business With John Tighe


Mindset When It Comes To Growing Ideas and Businesses Online with Jossif Elefteriadis


Affiliate Marketing Explained and Social Media Marketing to Grow Your Business


Bestseller Attitudes and Other Bulletproof Mindsets


004: A Decision To Create a Better Life and The Multiple Six-Figure Business That Followed



The Branding Summit

Brought to you by Navid Moazzez

80+ World-leading online entrepreneurs reveal their biggest personal branding secrets to help you make more impact in your business & life!


Business Building Rockstar Summit

Brought to you by Nicole Holland

30 industry leaders all participated in this epic summit! They get deep into effective ways to market a service-based business online and share expert tips about what common pitfalls to avoid.


Click-It Summit

with guest Amber Vilhauer

This professional online summit & exhibition event is designed to appeal to smart & savvy digital marketing experts and executives worldwide. The programs bring the Best Speakers in the world featured in professional multiple sessions providing the most updated information on internet marketing, affiliate marketing, digital paid advertising, content marketing, direct marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media.


Wealthy Artist Summit

Brought to you by Nikol Peterman

Two dozen creative geniuses show you exactly how you can break the starving artist mold, tap into your confidence and take control of your career. This abundant circle includes: Broadway Directors, Yoga icons, authors, life coaches, wealth coaches, visual artists, teachers, playwrights, dancers, photographers, media mavens, actors and musicians.

View More:

The MEGA! Work Less, Earn More Summit

Brought to you by Barbera Aimes

Top experts share strategies for creating a freedom-based, 7-figure business. 


Movement Marketing Summit Brought To You By AJ Amyx and Andy Zitzmann


Traffic Generation All-Stars Virtual Summit Brought to you by Anthony Tran


eBliss Program Brought to you by Christine Monaghan


Finding Your Ideal Target Market


The WP Summit


Business To Lifestyle Summit Brought to you by Amy Ramsey


The MEGA! Work Less, Earn More Summit Brought To You By Barbera Aimes


The Perfect Close Summit Brought to you by Abbie Joseph-Harrington


Take the Road to Freedom Summit With Bradley Thomas

Radio Interviews

WHIO radio

WHIO 95.7FM / AM 1290 Dayton, Ohio

with show host Tom Rubens

Radio host Tom Rubens interviewed Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer on her top strategies for building a multi-six-figure business.


710 KNUS – Your Brand Radio w/ live audience

… with hosts Mark Crowley and David Sanducky … “A Simple Mission” with guest Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer

Each Thursday Mark Crowley and David Sandusky host Your Brand Radio to discuss you, your personal brand, career, business and community strategies. Our guests demonstrate meaning with their involvement in business and community. Your business is not unique, but you are!


Your Guide to Book Publishing, Radio

with show host and multi-bestselling author Dr. Judith Briles

Learn specifics on what works in a website and what doesn’t for authors, speakers and coaches. Topics include branding, copywriting, social media, growing your mailing list and more.


Your Guide to Book Publishing, Radio (2nd interview)

with show host and multi-bestselling author Dr. Judith Briles

On the second radio show, Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer was interviewed about her 6-Pillar Strategy for 6-Figure Success. This includes the 6 core areas of an online business that every author, speaker or entrepreneur MUST focus on in order to be successful and build a profitable business.


Leadership Talk Radio

with show host and bestselling author Elaine Greaves

Leadership Talk is a radio show that provides a forum for top professionals to share their insights on leadership and how using effective leadership principles can profoundly move ones personal and professional life from mediocre to mastery.


AmberV-Beyond-The-Mic (1)

Beyond The Mic with Matt Walrath

Manage and Grow Your Business/Content

Amber joins me on the show to discuss how to be better at building relationships with customers online, and how to leverage content for the most impact. If you've struggled to implement a consistent content marketing strategy that gets leads and establishes authority, this video is a must-watch.


MyOutDesk with Daniel Ramsey

Content Marketing – Leverage To Scale with Amber Vilhauer

Do you want to know THE ANSWER to get the attention you want for your business? Do you want a bulletproof, predictable way to build an online following? Our guest, Amber Vilhauer from Leverage to Scale is an Online Digital Marketing expert and will talk about doing just that!


How To Boost Your Business & Brand

With Virtual Summits, with Navid Moazzez

Have you ever thought of different ways on how you can accelerate the growth of your business and brand more rapidly? Amber Ludwig-Vilhauer explains how to boost your business and brand with virtual summits.



Billion Dollar Legacy

Founder of NGNG Enterprises (Standing for NoGutsNoGlory)

Amber Vilhauer is an online digital marketing expert who supports authors, speakers and coaches to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry.

Want to interview Amber for your next podcast,

Summit, radio/tv show, or other platform?

Amber's expertise lies in supporting authors, speakers and coaches to build their business online through 1-1 coaching, online courses, membership websites and more. Learn more about all she does on this website.
Amber's online web services website which also serves as a 'how to" website teaching business owners how to create an audience and gain success online.
This website fully serves any online business owner to maximie their content marketing efforts in the least time-consuming and expensive way through a revolutionary marketing system developed out of Amber's highest genius and more than a decade worth of experience.
An online training program which brings together 15 internationally-respected, heart-centered entrepreneurs who, through pre-recorded online interviews, will share their secrets about the mindset and strategic business tactics they've used to turn their passion into multi-six-figure or multi-million dollar enterprises.