ELEVATE Series: Play To Your Strengths with Annie Lee

The GOODNESS just keeps going. So thankful to have Annie Lee, CEO of Jetstream, on the ELEVATE Series .

What a ray of joy + light! 🔆

If you missed the livestream, don’t worry—you can watch the replay now.

ELEVATE Series: with Brian Willis, Wes Schaeffer, Jennifer Kem & Jon Berghoff

#ELEVATEseries with Brian Willis and Jennifer Kem

🥳 WOW, what a beautiful, inspiring meet up on the #ELEVATEseries with these wise souls who have so much to offer to their (OUR!) communities right now. I couldn’t have had 4 more different people, but man…the mission was the same and there was so much overlap + synergy to the things they shared. If […]

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