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Join Our Exclusive Education-Rich Community for Targeted Strategic Advice and Meaningful Connection

With Aligned, Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs!

Immerse yourself in a supportive environment where you will learn to further apply the revolutionary principles from the book, network with other like-minded leaders, and fast-track your vision toward a more healthy, profitable, and fulfilling business.


Get Your Team the Training They Need to Operate Advanced Marketing and Sales Strategy for Your Books & Business!

A training platform designed to teach your team how to execute the marketing and launch operations as well as strategies discussed in this book. Bestselling programs include Bestseller Book Launch Blueprint, Leverage To Scale, and Relationship Management Operation.


Apply for a strategic planning session with AmberV

Amber Vilhauer focuses on revolutionizing the way her clients scale their businesses in a profitable way, build a lasting connection with customers, and leave the business owner feeling deeply fulfilled.

All of her strategies are customized to meet your needs and align with your Foundational Four (no generic, cookie-cutter ideas here). The relationship she cultivates with her clients is personal and long-term.

She starts by designing your most leveraged marketing, sales, and operations strategies to achieve your goals as fast as possible without sacrificing quality. Next, Amber breaks the strategies down into tasks that your team can be trained on to reduce your time commitment and pressure.

It’s this win-win-win approach that keeps clients coming back for more!

Get instant access to our pricing menu! Have all the details in FULL TRANSPARENCY so you know what to expect without any surprises. We believe a successful partnership starts at the very beginning with integrity, trust, and communication.

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